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  • Tsukika Milk Lotion
Tsukika Milk Lotion

A milk lotion that retains moisture with a non-greasy sensation.


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Skincare with the luster of flowers in bloom

The Selenicereus is a mysterious flower, brimming with life and blooming splendidly and briefly. Ingredients extracted from this blossom have moisture-retaining power, giving a smooth, moist texture to skin exposed to dryness and ultraviolet rays.

Night Blooming Cereus Flower
Night Blooming Cereus Flower

After conditioning your skin with a lotion, place an appropriate amount (in the morning, about the size of a soy bean (approx. 0.6ml); at night, about the size of two soy beans (approx. 1.2ml) on the palm and spread it evenly over the entire face.


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