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  • Exstretch Mask (1set)
Exstretch Mask
Mask | Intensive Care
1 set

An intensive anti-aging mask for instant result. This special night skin care with elastic mask helps to firm the skin for erasing visible signs of aging.


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An intensive sheet type mask that enwraps the skin with rich serum and leads years-younger, moist and firm skin. Dramatic, result-guarantee, easy-to-use 10-minute special care for matured skin.

Rich serum that improves firmness of the skin and that quenches the skin with intensive moisturizing effect.
  • ∘ Firming agents: Collagen, Shell Flower Leaf Extract
  • ∘ Moisturizing agents: Hyaluronic Acid, Jujube Extract
  • ∘ Toning agents: Peony Root Extract, Caffeine


<Mask Sheet>
A sheet type mask that enhances the attachment of Essence and the skin to boost the penetration of rich ingredients. Perfectly fits the skin, leaves the skin toned and feels lifted.
  • ∘ Firming agents: Collagen, Shell Flower Leaf Extract
  • ∘ Moisturizing agents: Hyaluronic Acid, Jujube Extract
  • ∘ Toning agents: Peony Root Extract, Caffeine


Active Ingredients:

Firming ingredients:
  • ⋇ Collagen: Penetrates deep inside to increase skin’s regenerative processes while diminishing fine lines and helping the skin maintain its natural hydration system.
  • ⋇ Shell Flower Leaf Extract: Helps the process of rebuilding new collagen within the skin, which pulls into a smooth surface and maintains a constant level of hydration. Extracted from leaves of an Okinawa originated zingiberaceous plant, Shell Flower.

Moisturizing Ingredients:
  • ⋇ Hyaluronic Acid: Quenches the skin with its high moisturizing effect and protects the skin from chapping caused by dehydration.
  • ⋇ Jujube Extract: Famous as Chinese herbal medicine. Triggers the skin hydration system while relieving the skin from dryness and roughness and plumping up skin cells for a smooth surface.

Toning Ingredients:
  • ⋇ Peony Root Extract: Extracted from peony (Paeoniaceae). Eliminates free radicals from the skin to decelerate skin aging and tones the skin with astringent effect.
  • ⋇ Caffeine: Breaks down fat and leaves the skin firm and smooth. Derived mainly from black tea.

Use at nighttime skincare routine on cleansed skin or after massage.

  • 1) Pour all the EXSTRETCH MASK ESSENCE into the palm and smooth evenly over the entire face and jaw line.
  • 2) Open the packet. Find 2 patches; for upper and lower face. Peel off the clear backing strips.
  • 3) Position lower piece around mouth and nose then unfold the mask with the ends aligned. Pull gently and slowly upwards along the jaw line for the best face-lift effect. Adjust the slits around the chin for the best fit.
  • 4) Position upper piece around the eyes, then unfold the mask while pressing lightly outward from the nose and the inner corners of the eyes. Press the mask lightly along the hairline. The product will not stick to the hair.
  • 5) Press all over lightly once again so that the mask holds firmly to the face.
  • 6) Gently peel the mask off after 10 minutes and blend the remaining essence into the skin with the fingers. It is not necessary to rinse the face.

⋇ Use other items such as lotion, serum, emulsion, or night cream depending on preference and skin condition.


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