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Herb Mask 120g
A creamy facial mask for ultimate clarifying care. Exfoliates dead skin cells with herbal ingredients for a clear, bright and smooth skin.
BEAUNESS improves "rough and spot-prone" skin into healthy and smooth skin. Soaked generously with thick lotion, the pliant mask sheet clings tightly to the skin.
Exstretch Mask 6set/box
The special night skin care with elastic mask helps to firm the skin for erasing visible signs of aging.
A cream-based facial mask with a pleasant cooling sensation. Provides brightening and cooling effect for clear, translucent skin.
Totally new pressed sheets developed for easy and effective lotion treatment to improve daily skin care.
Totally new pressed sheets developed for the easy and effective eye zone treatment with beauty essence or cream. It specially formed to adjust the shape of the eye area.


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