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  • Fairlucent Refresh Massage
Fairluent Refresh Massage
Cleansing | Massage

A massage cream that helps skin appear translucent, while moisturizing and brightening. It also suitable for use as a cleansing cream.

As a massage cream: Helps the movement of fingers to enable blissfully relaxing massage.
As a cleansing cream: Blends swiftly with makeup and impurities, and cleanses the face perfectly.


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The Fairlucent skincare range the provides the way to achieve translucent white skin.
The whole series provides two effects:
- Whitening from the APM and Shirakami yeast extract
- Skincare from the moisturizing ingredients in each product.


○ Suppresses melanin production, prevents pigmentation and freckles caused by sun damage.
  - Stable Vitamin C Derivatives (APM) Whitening ingredient, Shirakami Yeast Extract
○ Provides your skin with moisture and makes it brim with deep translucence from within.
○ Is light and easy to use.
○ Each product has the refreshing Fairlucent scent.


○ Customers who use the Fairlucent Alpha Series
○ Customers who have never used our products before (including users of other imported whitening-focused cosmetics)
○ Customers who are concerned about pigmentation, freckles, and skin darkness.
  - Those who feel their skin lacks translucence
  - Those who want to whiten their skin year-round
  - Those who want to steadily whiten their skin through basic skincare
  - Those who want a simple whitening care routine

1) Use it as cleansing cream, take about the size of 1.5 cherries (approx. 2.5g) on fingertips, then apply over the entire face and cleanse with fingers. 
Rinse it off with cold or lukewarm water.

2) Use it as massage cream, take about the size of 1.5 cherries (approx. 2.5g) on fingertips, then apply over the entire face and massage with fingers.
 Wipe it off with tissue paper. If your skin feels greasy, rinse it off with cold or lukewarm water.


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