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  • Embellir Washing
Embellir Washing

Cleansing foam that wraps the skin like a moisture film, making it velvety smooth.


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EMBELLIR is a proprietary product lineup containing the results of many years of research on extracting the power of Reishi*1,2.
Your expectations of lasting, splendid beauty will be heightened when you feel its harmonious textures and take in its mystical fragrance.

Red Reishi Extract SX*1
Black Reishi Extract SX*2 (both moisturizing ingredients)

*1: GANODERMA LUCIDUM (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT (moisturizing ingredient)
*2: GANODERMA SINENSE (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT (moisturizing ingredient)

Take about the size of 2 soy beans (approx. 1.5 g) and lather well with cold or lukewarm water in the palm of your hand. Cleanse the face in a massaging motion and rinse away thoroughly.

Sugar-Wash Ingredients* that cleanse skin and provide a moist feeling (*cleaning ingredient)

The important factor for washing is not only removing dirt, but also providing a moist feeling. Accordingly, we are selective about cleaning agents and have adopted cleaning ingredients derived from sugar. It gently cleanses skin by enveloping it with fine bubbles.

*MALTITOL LAURATE, SUCROSE LAURATE (both cleansing ingredients)


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