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  • Embellir Extract
Embellir Extract
Intensive Care

Uniquely thick and richly textured serum for the skin that feels more elastic. Permeates* skin evenly to make skin feel moist and elastic.

*Reaches to the horny layer


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EMBELLIR is a proprietary product lineup containing the results of many years of research on extracting the power of Reishi*1,2.
Your expectations of lasting, splendid beauty will be heightened when you feel its harmonious textures and take in its mystical fragrance.

Red Reishi Extract SX*1
Black Reishi Extract SX*2 (both moisturizing ingredients)

*1: GANODERMA LUCIDUM (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT (moisturizing ingredient)
*2: GANODERMA SINENSE (MUSHROOM) EXTRACT (moisturizing ingredient)

Twice per day, after applying LIQUID or any lotion, apply 2 to 3 pumps (approx. 0.4ml to 0.6ml) of Embellir EXTRACT in the palm and spread it over the entire face.

Application of proprietary atomization technology

This beautiful, sparklingly clear EXTRACT is the result of technology that mixes oily ingredients with aqueous serum. These oily ingredients *3 (moisturizing ingredients). which are used in LIQUID and NIGHT CREAM's Moisture Layer Emulsion, are mixed in after atomization to produce transparent serum.

*3: CERAMIDE NG, CHOLESTEROL (both moisturizing ingredients), HYDROGENATED LECITHIN, CETYL PHOSPHATE (both emulsifiers)

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