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Massage and cleansing cream that leads to soft, moisture-rich skin with a feeling of elasticity. It can also be used as a cleansing cream.
Cleansing foam that wraps the skin like a moisture film, making it velvety smooth.
A revitalizing toner that gently removes all the impurities and leaves the skin supple, moist, and radiant.
Uniquely thick and richly textured serum that makes your skin feels more elastic.
Fresh and rich liquid that combines the effects of a lotion and an emulsion.
This day cream protects the skin from UV rays while it preserves moisture without feeling tacky.
Gentle night cream with a thick, rich texture that protects the skin while you sleep.
A firming eye cream that instantly makes the skin of the eye contour feeling lifted and looks radiant. It helps to prevent weakening of the muscles around the eyes.


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