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  • Colax Eye
Colax Eye
Eye Care | Intensive Care

Colax Eye is a rich texture eye cream that provides moisture and suppleness to the skin around the eyes, which is vulnerable to aging. It enhances the skin around the eyes to give a youthful impression.


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Feature Ingredients:

∘ Siratro Extract *
∘ Longan Seed Extract *
∘ BA Derivative
∘ Hydrolyzed Collagen *
∘ Soluble Collagen *
∘ Hyaluronic Acid

* Only used in Colax Eye
* Hydrolyzed Collagen and Soluble Collagen use Marine Collagen (fish origin).

As the last step of the skincare regime, (after conditioning your skin with a moisturizer, cream, and so forth), apply it around the eyes. Take about the size of two rice grains (approx. 0.2g for both eyes) and lightly spread around the eyes and blend gently outward.

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