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  • Beauness
Intensive Care

A pre-lotion that blends smoothly into freshly washed skin to promote healthy skin that is always in good condition and prevents development of skin problems.

Improves “rough and spot-prone” skin into healthy and smooth skin.

- Fragrance-free
- coloring-free
- Non-comedogenic tested
- Allergy tested

  • Concept
  • How to use

Alpha-Care (add-on) skin care that maintains healthy skin without rough skin, pimples or other skin problems.

Active Ingredients:

  • ∘ HS Essence *
  • ∘ MD Essence SP


Beauness Mineral

How's Beauness work

After cleansing And washing, pour plenty amount (approx. 2 to 2.5 mL) of Beauness on a cotton pad, gently pat on the face from bottom to top.

Use as Pressure Relieving Moisturizing Mask:
When the skin feels rough, apply a piece of Lotion Mask Sheet soaked with BEAUNESS for 10 minutes.

Use as Pimples Relieving Eye Mask:
When pimples appear around the eyes, apply a pair of Eye Zone Sheets soaked with BEAUNESS for 10 minutes. Use continuously for 7 days for maximum effect.

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