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Intensive Care

The skin is capricious; one day it’s smooth and fresh, but the next day it can be troubled and rough. Don’t give up and think it has to be like this! Begin with the “BEAUNESS practice”, which helps to maintain healthy bare skin.

Improves “rough and spot-prone” skin into healthy and smooth skin.

- Fragrance-free
- coloring-free
- Non-comedogenic tested
- Allergy tested

  • Concept
  • How to use

BEAUNESS improves "rough and spot-prone" skin into healthy and smooth skin.

Active Ingredients:

  • ∘ SPA Essence *
  • ∘ MD Essence SP

Beauness Mineral

* SPA creates a beautiful, healthy skin and body with the help of natural resources. We at Menard focused our attention on this SPA, and have now developed “SPA Essence”, which draws from the powerful natural resources of the “ocean” and “plants”. In addition to the “spa”, which we have been studying for a long time, it helps to smoothen old horny cells, and to create healthy silky skin.

How's Beauness work

After cleansing And washing, pour plenty amount (approx. 2 to 2.5 mL) of Beauness on a cotton pad, gently pat on the face from bottom to top.

Use as Pressure Relieving Moisturizing Mask:
When the skin feels rough, apply a piece of Lotion Mask Sheet soaked with BEAUNESS for 10 minutes.

Use as Pimples Relieving Eye Mask:
When pimples appear around the eyes, apply a pair of Eye Zone Sheets soaked with BEAUNESS for 10 minutes. Use continuously for 7 days for maximum effect.

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