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  • Lip Treatment
One Touch Lip Treatment
Intensive Care

One touch lip cream that provides instant soothing effect from the moment you apply.

There are two types you can select depending on your preference.
Type C: Contains Menthol (C: abbreviation of Cool)
Type N: Contains No Menthol (N: abbreviation of Natural)


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1. Instantly soothes and improves rough or chapped lips.
- Contains Glycyrrhizinate (Antiphlogistic ingredient)
- Contains Vitamin E Derivative, Nicotinic-Acid Amide (Facilitates blood circulation)

2. The smooth formula moisturizes lips and protects from outside stimuli.
- Contains Botanical Squalane (Emolliant ingredient)

3. Seals in moisture with emollient effect and keeps lips hydrated.
- Contains Grape Seed Oil (Emolliant ingredient)

4. Easy-to-use one touch container.

5. No fragrance, no color additives.

Recommended for:

- Those who have rough or chapped lips
- Those who have dry lips
- Those who want easy lip care

Take the stick out no more than 5mm and apply lightly over the lips. Push up the button to the top to retract the lipstick and close the lid with the thumb.


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