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  • Jupier Powder Foundation)
Jupier Powder Foundation

Gives skin a beautiful soft luster and luminosity as if draped in silk gauze. Two-way foundation for all seasons.

* SPF25 | PA++


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∘ Gives skin a beautiful soft luster and luminosity as if draped in silk gauze.
  - Luminous Cubic Powder*1(makeup effects)

∘ Beautiful finish blends with natural complexion without looking thick or powdery.
  - moisture coating manufacturing process

∘ Seals the skin’s moisture within.
  - collagen*2, hyaluronic acid**3, and NMF components*4 (all moisturizing ingredients)

∘ Blends lightly into skin with a velvety surface, for an even finish that doesn't look thick or powdery.

∘ Protects skin from UV rays.

*1: Calcium carbonate, mica (both for makeup effects)
*2: Atelocollagen
*3: Sodium hyaluronate
*4: 4:PCA-Na

First, apply Makeup Base to skin beforehand.

< In use of dry sponge >
Get an appropriate amount of foundation on a dry puff, and blend in all over the face.

< In use of wet sponge >
Moisten a puff with water, and wring out well before using.
After using, ensure it has dried sufficiently before returning to compact.

* Foundation is soft, so apply puff gently in order to pick up foundation.


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