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  • Jupier Point Make Up Remover
Jupier Point Make Up Remover

A double layer type point makeup remover which ensures quick but thorough removal of even waterproof makeup while toning the delicate areas around the eyes and the mouth.


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Removes waterproof eye makeup and hard-to-remove lipstick quickly but thoroughly. Tones the areas around the eyes and the mouth while removing makeup.
  - Ginseng Extract*1
  - Hyaluronic Acid*2
  - VEP*3

A double layer (oil and lotion) type remover which combines a smooth, refreshing feel of touch with comfortable makeup removal.
  *1: Ginseng Extract consists of PANAX GINSENG ROOT EXTRACT.
  *2: Hyaluronic Acid consists of SODIUM HYALURONATE.

Recommended for:
  - Those who are using waterproof makeup.
  - Those who feel it is difficult to remove point makeup with a cleansing lotion or other cleansing products.
  - Those who desire to remove point makeup while conditioning the skin.

∘ Use before cleansing the face.
∘ Make sure that the cap is securely tightened. Shake the bottle until the two layers are completely mixed with each other and the entire remover turns into light purple.
∘ Take a proper amount of remover (about 2 cm in diameter) on a cotton pad, lightly press the cotton against the point makeup for a while, and softly wipe it.

* After removal with JUPIER POINT MAKEUP REMOVER, use a cleansing product that you usually use to cleanse the face.
* If mascara cannot be removed easily, place a cotton pad moistened with JUPIER POINT MAKEUP REMOVER over it for a while, and softly wipe it.


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