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  • Jupier Makeup Base (Fresh)
Jupier Makeup Base (Fresh)

Makeup Base that gives skin a luminous, velvety look, causes foundation to blend in smoothly, and produces a more beautiful finish.

* SPF20 | PA++


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  • How to Use

∘ Produces makeup effects that give skin a luminous, velvety look.
  - Employs Skin Texture Brightener formula

∘ Seals in skin’s moisture and improves foundation’s consistency and uniformity.
  - Contains collagen*1, hyaluronic acid*2, and NMF components*3 (all moisturizing ingredients)

∘ Feels dewy fresh on the skin.

∘ Protects skin from UV rays.

*1: Atelocollagen
*2: Sodium hyaluronate
*3: PCA-Na

1) Shake well before using.

2) After applying lotion to skin, apply a moderate amount (a drop approximately 1cm in diameter) evenly over the entire face, and blend it in well.
* Using too much or too little may have an adverse effect on how foundation looks or how long makeup lasts. Use an appropriate amount.

3) Next, apply foundation.
* Use a slightly smaller amount of makeup base if applying foundation with a water-moistened puff.
* Use milk lotion as well as needed, based on skin condition, season, or personal preferences.


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